Difference in between the PES & PP bottle

There has been too many questions about the PP and PES. We understand that most of the mothers might not understand the difference in between these two type of material. Here, we will list down the difference in a short summary to provide a better understanding in between these two types of bottle.


First of all, we want to tell everyone that DO NOT use a PC milk bottle. Why?

- Very limited shelf-life, this means you have to keep on changing the milk bottle, maybe once in every 3 months.

- PC will release Bisphenol A (an ingredient from which PC is manufactured). Leaching of   Bisphenol A will generate a dimmer toxin called as Dioxane, which is unsafe to the food contents inside the bottle. This means it is Not Good to your baby.


So now, almost all the milk bottle manufacturer is promoting BPA free bottle,  PES & PP bottle. Let's take a look at the difference in between of them.

PES Bottle  PP Bottle

Honey Color

Slightly Milky Color

High Temperature Resistant

Withstand temperature up to 180 degree 

Medium Temperature Resistant

Withstand temperature up to 110 degree

 High impact / shatter resistant Low scratch resistance, stiffness & rigidity 
Extra Durable, easy to clean Limited shelf life


 Therefore, we highly recommend mothers to choose a PES bottle instead of PP bottle due to its benefits over the PP bottle.


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