MAM Anti-Colic Bottle 260ml Girl/Boy Single Pack

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MAM bottles for babies right from the very start

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Come with teat 1

anti colic

MAM designers have created a silicone teat which babies instinctively like, thanks to the patented Silk surface. With the Silk Teat the switch between Mum and MAM is made easy.

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Product Features:

  • BPA Free(PP) and safe for babies

  • For a flexible solution the innovative Silk Teat on the MAM Anti-Colic Bottle makes switching between Mum and MAM particularly easy(Come with teat 2)

  • Its vented base works according to a unique natural-flow principle, which ensures a smooth milk flow

  • The effect: having feed from an Anti-Colic bottles babies stay calm and relaxed

anti colic

  • Available in a range of gorgeous designs(cartoon printing of the bottles is different for each batch, image display might not be the latest stock printing)

  • SELF STERILISES!Convenience! 

self sterilising

self sterilising

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Assembly Steps:

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