BESTBUY NUK Premium Choice Glass Bottle (0-6m) 120ml with Silicone Teat Single Pack and Silicone Cover(assorted colour)

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The NUK First Choice Premium Glass Bottle (120ml/4oz) is now available in Elegant Green Fern decorative illustrations, a welcome addition for modern parents looking for the elegant looking glass feeding bottles for the baby.

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NUK products in conformity with European Standards EN 14350.
- Made from durable premium quality borosilicate glass that could withstand major temperature fluctuation.
- Glass bottle very hygienic and easy to wash.
- BPA (Bisphenol A*) free, odorless, and phthalates-free.
- NUK patented teat/nipple, slightly offset holes for better salivation aids digestion.
- Curved underside and orthodontic shape supports the healthy development of important facial-oral muscles.
- Grip screw ring interchangeable with all NUK First Choice nipples/teats and compatible drinking spouts.
- Anti-Colic reduces risk of unpleasant colic pain.

Smooth surface of the borosilicate glass bottle is difficult for bacteria or germs to breed, thus very hygienic. Made of premium high quality glass that could withstand major temperature fluctuations, modern parents can boil the NUK glass bottles or clean in dishwasher. The NUK glass bottle would also fit into most typical sterilizers.


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