NUK Sleeptime Disney Latex Soother Winnie the Pooh (0-6m) 2pcs

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Jaw-friendly NUK shape

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NUK Soother Trendline Disney Winnie the Pooh latex with ring, size 1 (0-6m) 
NUK Soother Trendline Disney Latex size 1

Design: Disney - Winnie the Pooh green/red

• jaw-friendly NUK shape
• anatomically shaped shield made of high-quality plastic
• baglet made of latex
• size 1 (0-6 months)
• BPA free

Kicking, grasping, lifting the head or sucking a soother are important parts of baby’s daily exercise to strengthen muscles in legs, arms, back and face. The combination of a mobile tongue, strong jaw muscles and a correctly shaped palate are important preconditions for healthy, unobstructed eating and later for the development of speech.

NUK‘s Disney Winnie the Pooh TRENDLINE soother has the jaw-friendly NUK shape, an anatomically shaped shield made of high-quality plastic and is available in different colours and designs.All NUK soothers feature the NUK AIR SYTEM. The air leaves the baglet through an outlet. The baglet therefore remains sufficiently flat to prevent misshaping of the jaw. Latex is characterized by high elasticity, extreme sturdiness great resistance to stretching and ripping, exceptional flexibility, environmentally friendly disposal and low inclination to acquire static charge. That means latex does not attract dust.
The cute Winnie the Pooh motifs are a special highlight.Winnie the Pooh is the best friend you can wish for. Ask children! 

For healthy oral development:
NUK‘s Disney Winnie the Pooh TRENDLINE soother - an important piece of ‘sports equipment’ for little champions

nuk latex soother winnie the poohnuk latex soother winnie the pooh shape


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