Pigeon Silicone Pacifier Step 3 (8+ months)

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Medically researched for correct and natural oral development. As babies grow, the shape of their oral cavity changes and so do their needs.

Suitable for 8+ months old baby 




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  • Promotes nasal breathing
  • Thin lip contact area promotes healthy development of teeth
  • perfectly fits the mouth of a teething baby
  • Snug-Fitting shield conform to international safety standards
  • Soft tip underneath and firm tip on top facilitates baby's natural sucking reflex action
  • Actives the brain
  • Axudes a psychological stabilising effect
  • Breather holes on shield for safety
  • Protective hood for covering the nipple when not in use
  • Pigeon's Three-Step Pacifier system is designed to provide your baby with the best possible oral development unique to their age.

    • Step 1 : 0-5 months Resembles the shape and softness of a mother's nipple. Facilitates the natural sucking movement.
    • Step 2 : 5 months & older Ideal shape for your baby as they begin to wean, training them to close their lips naturally. Helps control nursing reflux.
    • Step 3 : 8 months & older Unique shape facilitates nasal breathing, which helps develop your baby's immune system.


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