Tomy Pop-Up Pirate Games

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  • A classic game of nerve and chance which provides lots of family fun
  • Push the pirate into the barrel, which features an ejection mechanism
  • Select a set of swords and take turns to put them into slots in the barrel
  • Every time the pirate ejects from the barrel, that player is eliminated
  • The slot which ejects the pirate changes every time, so it's always tense


One of the top seller for children toys in UK. A nice gift for your kids!

Tomy Pop-Up Pirate Games

Tomy Pop-Up Pirate Games

Tomy Pop-Up Pirate Games

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A well-loved classic game of nerve and chance, Pop-Up Pirate is barrels of explosive fun.

To set the game up, there is a small amount of assembly to be done, with stickers to carefully stick on to decorate the barrel and base.

Press the pirate down and he locks into the barrel in such a way that he will be popped up randomly when a sword is pushed in--and nobody knows which sword will be the one!

Players select a set of swords of their favourite colour and take it in turns to choose a slot, hoping that they won't be the one to make the pirate pop up with a start. Once the pirate has been popped, the remaining players take out their swords and start to play again until only the winner is left. Every time you push the pirate back into the barrel, the hole which will make the him pop up changes, making Pop-Up Pirate a tense and exciting game in which you never know who is going to be the one to launch the pirate into space. --Rachel Ediss

2 to 4 players.


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