Tropika Baby Herbal Cream 50g

Tropika Baby Herbal Cream 50g

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  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Safe for Babies
  • 100% Original Tropika product


BABY HERBAL CREAM: Best natural remedy for colic in baby. This remedy contains important natural ingredients that encourage release of trapped gas and promote better night time sleep.

Made only from natural ingredients with Virgin Coconut Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Ginger & Tropical Herbs
Reduce respiratory problems such as wheezing, Reduce "snoring"
Treats & prevent phlegm
Treats & prevent cough
Treats & prevent stomach ache
Treats & prevent wind
Promotes babies to burp after nursing

Very good for Pregnant Mommies if they suffer from cramps, muscle pain, backache, migrain, headache, acid reflux, cough, phlegm, chesty cough, even neck & shoulder sores. Safe for external usage and as an alternative for aspirin & cough medicine        


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